The living culture is more and more taking  place in open spaces and the separation between living and cooking is fading away.

The kitchen is again becoming more and more a meeting place which it used to be in past times
This situation requires new, intelligent solutions for furniture in general and kitchens in particular.
For decades kitchens have been composed of separate cabinets with drawers, shelves and doors, combined with worktops, in which the components could accommodate the necessary equipment, cooking utensils and ingredients.
However, looking at professional kitchens we will find open cabinets, shelves etc., which help to avoid carrying around cooking utensils, ingredients, etc. these are directly accessible without as little excessive proceedings as possible during the cooking process.
In recent years we occasionally did / do see this professional approach appear at kitchen manufacturers. In the private atmosphere and especially in the open living areas outlined above however, such a kitchen concept is less valued because of all the objects standing in plain sight.
The story behind our (this) innovative solution is the idea to develop a kitchen without the usual doors, and which  is only functional for cooking in the “open position”.

The concept consists of solitaire (cabinets) units which can be manufactured by a (kitchen) manufacturer.
These units are equipped with a sliding and/or opening system which after opening gives access to the equipment, cooking utensils, ingredients, etc., and as well will create the necessary (extra) workspace. The units can be completed with appliances, and the layout can be divided at will.

This approach has several advantages :

* All necessary cooking utensils and ingredients are right at your fingertips during the cooking process.

* After the cooking process is done everything can be moved rapidly out of sight.

* Because of the intelligent sliding system, the required and optimized work and storage space is only available during the cooking process and everything
   will take up much less space in the closed position than a regular kitchen would.
* The units are also designed so that if desired they can be easily applied (integrated) in a regular kitchen setup and consequently offer the advantages of this concept even
   in a traditional kitchen approach.
This concept will start with a few basic units :

Unit 1. Cooking unit (wall- and isle setup)

Unit 2. Cooking and basin unit (wall- and isle setup)

Unit 3. Storing / Cooking / worktop unit with basin section, section for appliances and utensils / ingredient storage.

Unit 4. Solitaire cabinets for appliances.

The program will be expanded in the future with more units which will be based upon this concept.

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